Sprinkler Engineering

Tri-Geometrics Corp.’s automatic sprinkler system will stop fire at the source, lowering the risk of destruction before firefighters arrive.

Our sprinkler system solutions are:

  1. Automatic - Our sprinklers begin extinguishing fire at the first sign of smoke
  2. Protective - Our system solutions offer options that allow you to protect the entirety of your building, including important equipment. No need to choose.
  3. Efficient - Our solutions have quick turnaround times without sacrificing efficiency and quality, and designed with longevity as our top priority. 
You're In Great Hands

We have provided our services and solutions to major projects in Cavite, Manila and other parts of Metro Manila. Our projects range from commercial, manufacturing, residential, industrial and retail. Our team of professionals are capable of working while ensuring that all your sprinkler system needs are met.  Available for installation:

  • Fire pump
  • Stand pipe
  • Gravity tank
  • and more

Experienced Engineers Cavite

Tri-Geometrics Corp. boasts a team of highly qualified workers who are experienced and established in the field of sprinkler engineering. Hiring us means hiring the best engineering firm in Cavite.

Sprinkler solutions are our forte. We have delivered high-quality fire protection engineering services for multiple types of projects, meeting a variety of needs according to the specific type of establishment we are working on. 

Why Tri-Geometrics Corp

Tri-Geometrics Corp.’s team of expert fire protection staff can design, specify and create new or renovate existing sprinkler systems to meet the specific needs of your building without sacrificing quality. We provide a comprehensive sprinkler system service that will ensure fire protection and safety.

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