Plumbing Engineering

We at Tri-Geometrics Corp. understand the importance of a good plumbing design. For more than a decade, our specialists have provided plumbing engineering services in and around Cavite, and Metro Manila. Our projects range from commercial, manufacturing, residential, hotels, government and non-profit establishments.

What makes us stand out

Designed For Your Needs

Tri-Geometrics’ team of professionals are highly qualified in delivering only the best plumbing services in the country, having experience a wide range of plumbing engineering work for multiple kinds of projects. No two plumbing designs are the same—we fit your plumbing needs according to the type of establishment you need assistance with. Our qualified team of mechanical and electrical engineering staff work closely together to formulate the best plumbing engineering design that suits you.

We utilize the latest technology in plumbing design and engineering to process, design, and hand over 2D and 3D drawings and graphical information for your plumbing project. From inception and execution, we ensure top-quality solutions.

Tri-Geometrics Corp. offers the best plumbing engineering designs for every stage of the construction while meeting energy efficiency requirements. Our designs include floor plans, schedules, and construction details so you are in the loop when it comes to the plumbing work. 

Our plumbing engineering management services combine organizational, administrative and planning to ensure that the overall performance meets the industry standard. Our services include:

  • Construction administration
  • Utility filings
  • Engineering reports
  • Storm-water management certifications
  • Value engineering service
  • Building commissioning 

Why Tri-Geometrics Corp

With every project, Tri-Geometrics Corp. ensure fast turnaround time, energy efficiency, and expertise in a variety of services and solutions.

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