Fire Protection Engineering

Fire can do a lot of damage, so having an efficient fire protection system in place that will detect trouble at the very first sign of smoke can help keep your building and the people inside safe. This is why at Tri-Geometrics Corp., we ensure that our fire protection engineering services are top-notch.

Not Just Smoke

Our fire protection system detects not just smoke, but also heat and carbon monoxide, ensuring that your building is safe from any kind of invisible harm.


Our quick turnaround process makes sure that we deliver the best possible service without wasting precious time and resources.

Automatic Call for Help

Once fire is detected, our systems will launch an automatic call for the fire department, so help will come as soon as possible.

Veteran Fire Protection Specialists

Tri-Geometrics Corp. is established in the fire protection engineering industry. Hiring us means hiring the best for your Cavite fire protection engineering services, backed with years of experience, closely working with the best people and processes in the business.

We have provided fire protection engineering services in the last decade in Cavite and all over Metro Manila, and worked on manufacturing, residential, hotels, commercial, education, and non-profit projects.

Tri-Geometrics Corp.’s team of highly skilled professionals ensure that our fire protection engineering services remain at par with the world standard. Our team is qualified in terms of multiple types of fire protection engineering projects. 

Why Tri-Geometrics Corp

Our fire protection engineering designs include diagrams, floor plans, specifications, equipment, and other construction details so that you, the client, are in the loop.

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