Cavite Engineering Services

At Tri-Geometrics, we specialize in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, oil & gas work, and fire protection. Our work includes many building and engineering services delivered by a team of qualified professionals.

Our Services and Our Guarantees

Guaranteed Professionalism

Our team is made up of only the best in the field who make sure that excellent work is provided while keeping up with the ever changing mechanical engineering industry. All this is done with a unique passion, positively influencing the development of mechanical engineering building codes over the years. 

Mechanical Works

Tri-Geometrics will make sure that your building is fitted with the most efficient HVAC system that is right for its needs. The appropriate HVAC system will maximize energy usage and minimize costs in the long term, which is the number one priority in our mechanical engineering services.

Electrical Engineering

We go above and beyond with our electrical engineering services, optimizing the application of electrical works by planning receptacles, mechanical power, and construction modifications based on the project specifications. 

Years of Experience

Years of Experience Our company has been providing expert mechanical engineering - HVAC services to business owners, civil engineers, architects, and industrial businesses in and around Metro Manila. We have worked on multiple engineering projects that include major manufacturing, commercial, residential, hotels, government, and non-profit projects.

Oil & Gas Services

When dealing with one of the biggest industries in the world, it’s best to leave the work to a team with experience in the field. Tri-Geometrics Corp will ensure a systems-level view of oil & gas engineering requirements for your establishment. 

Fire Protection Services

Our fire protection services involve active prevention, equipment inspection and maintenance, and efficient replacement when necessary. 

Trusted By Industry Leaders

Tri-Geometrics Corp continuously work with the biggest brands in the Philippines.

Value Engineering

Engineering services do not have to be too expensive. Get rid of any unnecessary expenses so your projects remain within the budget.

Cost-Efficient Quality Work

True Value Engineering

When it comes to value engineering, we at Tri-Geometrics Corp. stay on top of our game. We work comprehensively so no chance of cost savings is left uncovered, without ever compromising on the designs you have agreed to work on from the beginning. Our services stay the same without ever having to go beyond the budget if not necessary.

Designed With Budget In Mind

Stress-Free Deployment

Forget over-budget projects that stress you out and keep unnecessary costs accummulating. Tri-Geometrics Corp. work closely with clients to make sure that a project remains within budget while not disrupting work and compromising quality.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

We have got an eye for detail. Perhaps you picked the incorrect size of MEP system, or over-engineered the design with aspects that your project could have gone without, or your electrical room is five times bigger than necessary—all these reasons, or more, may add up to the costs when they aren’t really needed for your end goal. Don’t fret, because our team of experts and highly knowledgeable professionals will make sure that you save as much as you can by getting rid of these unnecessary costs and bring down the total cost of your project while maintaining the quality that you want. We will:

Remove and modify any component or system that are not essential

Get rid of over-engineered systems

Using alternative design methods for the same quality of product but with lower costs

Modify or replace components that improve performance

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